About Kay-Ann Ward



Kay-Ann Ward is a Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Movement and Dance Performance Coach. With over 10+ years of experience, she is known for her creativity, energy, authenticity and the welcoming space she creates for others to flourish.

There is no one word to describe Kay-Ann and the work that she does. Whether she is performing, teaching and or creating, she pulls from a deep rooted place of experience and expression using her Afro-Caribbean culture as her compass.

She has a way to seamlessly fuse entertainment, storytelling, performing and art while keeping her cultural roots at the fore front of what she does.

She is the co-founder of UnRuly Gyal Lifestyle a brand that fuses bold self-expression, with trendsetting and enticing creative content, geared towards helping women let go and be free from within, by using Caribbean dance.

She has performed on stages with top musicians and artists, as well as mentored and coached many dancers and artists helping them awaken and ignite their full expression and performance abilities.

After years of teaching, dancing and creating, Kay-Ann felt that it was time to evolve her work to reflect her experience as well as to answer to a higher calling and purpose.

Taking her 10+ years of experience; she has created “Divine Woman in Movement and Creation” a powerful and awakening dance and self-development program, that incorporates expressive and intentional movement, teaching women how to embody their divine feminine energy, creativity, sensuality and spirituality, which helps foster healing and growth. She is excited to share this framework which is the foundation she has created and used to help hundreds of women from all walks of life learn how to let go and truly embody who they are.

With this new evolution of self, she has also created Activate to Elevate, a workshop series that allows women to connect their Mind Body and Soul through movement, expression, discovery and self-development.



"I’m excited about this new stage in my life, as I have shifted and continue to grow; I’m being pulled to be more transparent, as I continuously do the work that I love.  "

Choreography and Creative Director Credits

  Some of Kay-Anns Choreography and Creative Directing credits 

  • UnRuly Gyal Live Shows and concept videos 
  • "Ah So we Dance" live show at Harbourfront Centre 
  • The Alter Ego (Producer, Choreographer and Creative Director)
  • Night of Essence entertainment showcase (Producer and Creative Director
  • "Liking it" by Sure D (Choreographed dance scene)
  • "Nothing Caan Stop me" by Sure D (Choreography)
  • "La la La" by Sure D (Choreographed Dance Scenes)
  • BIG TEASE hair show (Choreography)

Movement and Dance Performance Coach


As a dance instructor and Movement Performance Coach Kay-Ann has taught hundreds of students from adults to teenagers, sharing her love for dance, movement and togetherness. Her professionalism and knowledge of her craft makes her a sought after dance instructor and coach. Her love for what she does and creating spaces for others to flourish keeps her students coming back.

Kay-Ann has created and continues to teach her branded classes (Wickedest Wine and Socalicious)  

She continues to teach private dance lessons to both adult learners and professional performers

She has taught at the following dance studios 

  • City Dance Corps (Dancehall and Soca)
  • Dance Life X (Dancehall)
  • City Centre Dance (Dancehall, Wickedest Wine and Socalicious)
  • She has taught a variety of workshops for the Toronto District School Board

Choreographer and Creative Director


 "As a choreographer and creative director I’m here to help you you bring your creative vision to life."  

Instructor/ Movement and Dance Performance Coach


"As an Instructor and Movement Coach I will help you awaken your authentic self and ignite your fire through movement & dance performance"